Every home experience some sort of shift in the foundation over the years. When someone talks about a house settling, it technically means that the foundation is shifting and changing shape. This can happen for years before you will need foundation leveling or repair, but when the time does come that your foundation needs repairs you should work with certified foundation engineers. Knight Engineering Services provides slab foundation repair and home leveling to clients in the Houston, TX area. With over 20 years of experience, we understand all aspects of foundation inspection and repair.


When you call Knight Engineering Services, we will provide a foundation evaluation of your property. One of our certified engineers will visit your property and spend at least 40 minutes or longer assessing the foundational integrity of your home or business. We look for anything that could be causing a problem with your foundation, like leaks or tree roots. We will take readings within your home or business to determine the level of movement within your foundation. After our initial inspection, we will explain our finding and present you with a slab foundation repair plan.


If your home sinks in one area or in different spots throughout your home, our foundation engineers can conduct a foundation leveling to prevent future shifting. Our inspection tells us the source of the problem and then we dig down and install piles underneath your home. These piles reinforce your foundation and lengthen the life of your home. Our engineers never leave a mess behind, so don’t worry about unsightly holes or debris in your yard following our work. If you live in the Houston, TX area and need help with your foundation, call Knight Engineering Services and set up an inspection.