Knight Engineering Services began as a forensic engineering investigation company in 1983. Over the years we have become specialists in many fields. But our soils testing laboratory, which we started shortly after our founding, is what led to our involvement in foundation engineering and repair. Where we have developed multiple patents related to foundations. And after being consultants to many of the largest names in foundation repair, and consultants to many of their customers, we decided to offer foundation repair ourselves. We developed and patented our own pile system, U.S. Patent #6,718,648. And while some will lead you to believe that the pile system is the difference between all of the foundation repair companies. The real difference is the evaluation process. Which is where we differ the most from all of our competitors. Our evaluation is not a sales pitch by amateurs using professional equipment, or worse, using equipment you have in your garage. It is an inspection, by professionals, using equipment they know how to use and that you are unlikely to own. It will be lengthy, and it will not be completed in less than 40 minutes. If you would like more details on anything, just give us a call.